I Ain't Concerned ft. Cee, Gravity Christ & DJ Grouch

from by NoTiOn



This awesome collabo features Cee & Gravity Christ. Straight spittin'. Barz & DJ cuts. Loosely themed around the 'I Ain't Concerned' title, it touches on the attitude of not giving a shit who our competition is or what obstacles stand in our way, on our way to achieving what we want in music & our lives.


Verse 1 - Notion:
The scent of marijuana wreaks off me,
Voice raspy from the chronic while I speak softly,
Thoughts drift, as I sift thru these beats hungry,
mental abyss, feelin' in bliss when the heats on me, ("you know my steez")
my teams wanting it all, party like we up in Times Square & droppin' the ball,
The way we got it poppin', ain't no stopping' at all,
Been shoppin' for other options, but dog, i just can't escape the allure,
Yo I'm stuck in my laws, & I execute em smoothly,
Tryin' bring it back, with the rap like, I'm Kool G,
I ain't concerned, if they go or they stay,
My style is a cool breeze, & the sun in your face,
I'm tryin' to get more for the team, & more for our plates,
Got no, flaws in the scheme, put it all at stake,
Moved the, other side of the world for goodness sake,
We never pausin', never takin' a break, okay.. Listen,
Bookin' tours, cookin' y'all some new,
Booty calls, truly y'all, we fuckin' awesome dude,
Pride On My Cufflinks when I stand heavily,
Heavenly, Perpetual energy for the remedy,
I ain't concerned if ur Dre and ur watchin',
I'm not restricted by time, I don't wear a watch man,
So it means you'll never put me in a box fam, & boxin' our way to the top is our only option,
Squash u lames with a fuckin' road train,
No mind, I ride with Cee & Gravity in our own lane,
Grind steady so we keep this dream Pro-game,
We don't give a fuck about y'all so I don't know man, I ain't concerned...

Hook: DJ Grouch Cuts #1

Verse 2 - Cee:
Homie I ain't concerned, and I have been burned, but I have been learned,
For situations that yearn, dog I have been turned,
And in the Fam i believe, so persistence is key,
Industry, time to wake the fuck up, this is Cee, bitch,
Fuck a trend, TMF never standardized,
Leave ya like the pope, literally canonized,
Gravity's a law, and Notion's a thought,
And Cee a letter so lets put it all together dog,
We muhfuckin' worldwide, check the catalogue,
Injection of soul whenever the kid involved,
The money comin' in, Beer & Other Shit,
Get my Tumble on, big grin in every pic,
So til the day I'm unoccupied by worldly cares,
I move forward to nowhere,
That's word to Lao Tzu, get my knowledge up, life, I'm 'bout it cunts,
Heavy hustle, on my grizzy 'til I'm outtie, fuck

Hook: DJ Grouch Cuts #2

Verse 3 - Gravity Christ:
So if it's, gotta be done, I'm a demon when my pen bleed,
Devil in stilettos gettin' pregnant with my sin seeds,
Spill it in their cervix, I'm certain I'll hit the bulls-eye,
Suicide king of the valley, Gravity you can fly,
Even if you feel like you fallin' (just flap your arms a little longer and stall it),
That's what I call a good crash after copious amounts of coke,
I'm a spoon with the flame, cookin' the stupidest dope,
I got a notion that I'm doper than Optimus in his prime,
Transform from a storm into a thorn in your side,
Hurricane Isaac in the flesh, better than fly,
Levitate into my fate until my reckoning die,
Started with a guillotine and I ended with a combo,
Geronimo Pratt, black immaculate bravado,
I know, how to make magic outta mundane,
Also, I can get crack outta cocaine

Hook: DJ Grouch cuts #3 & Outro


from Pride On My Cufflinks, released December 13, 2013
All songs were recorded by Notion at Ill-Note Studios, Toronto, Canada, with the exception of 'Stays Fly' and 'Follow My Lead' which were recorded by Jacob Noronha at Ill-Note Studios, Toronto, Canada; Cee’s vocals on ‘Follow My Lead’ and ‘I Ain’t Concerned’, which were recorded by Cee at Studio de l’Ascension, Montreal, Canada; Copywrite’s vocals on ‘Training’, which were recorded by Copywrite at the Mirabella Mansion in Ohio, USA; iLLvibe’s vocals on ‘Lift Up’, which were recorded by Notion at Studio de l’Ascension, Montreal, Canada; B3auu’s vocals on ‘Lift Up, which were recorded by Brian Moyo at Bo$ Studio, Toronto, Canada; and Gravity Christ’s vocals on ‘I Ain’t Concerned’, which were recorded by Jay “Vice Versa” Rodriguez at Tiger Chan’s Olympic Pool Studio, Valencia, California.

All tracks written and produced by Notion, except where noted. All tracks were mixed and mastered by Notion at Ill-Note Studios, Toronto, Canada.

Additional vocals on ‘Young & Crazy’ by Bekah.

Executive Produced by Notion & Cee

Cee and Notion appear courtesy of The Movement Fam.

Front & back cover photography by EelectricEel. Insert art photography by Tyf Shum.

Cover art and illustration by Liam Meilleur. www.liamliamliam.com



all rights reserved


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