It's My Turn​.​.​.​The Mixtape

by NoTiOn

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    Notion has been putting in serious work for the past three to four years now, and his debut mixtape, It’s My Turn… documents his last couple of years of rhyme. Featuring production from GMC and DJ Dub Kay (who also mixed the release), alongside some of the hottest beats from recent times, and with guest appearances from Cee-For, Bekah, GMC, and Esscay to name a few, It’s My Turn… is set to create a serious dent in the scene and cement Notion as a name to watch out for.

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Biography (2006)

It's Notion, baby!

Listen up people, because this lil’ call out will soon be a very familiar one.

Now that Australians have officially accepted Aussie Hip Hop into its culture, it’s arguably the fastest growing genre in the country, and never has there been a better time to hit the people with some real music. And although there are already numerous talented local acts making moves, one particular young buck is about to step up and take the scene by surprise. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Notion.

N-O has been dabbling in Hip Hop since the early 1990’s when he was barely ten years old, immersing himself in the West & East Coast artists that were massive at the time. Hip Hop was just another part of his life until he began to try his hand at freestyling around the time he was fifteen, when MC’s like Jay-Z, Nas, Common, Mos Def, Big L, Talib Kweli, Method Man, Ghostface, Eminem, Juelz Santana, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne and Black Thought were huge influences. From that moment on, he was hooked and Hip Hop became a dominant force in the life of Notion, where he began penning down his freestyles and turning them into songs and verses at an impressive rate.

Influenced by his older brother, Cee-For, and the other half of Soul District, Revelino, Notion developed his style over the years, spending much time writing to beats that Cee & Rev had used, making them into tracks of his own, spending hours upon hours in the lab, freestyling like a madman, and connecting with the pad. Notion is one hungry dude, and he has become widely known for his incredibly articulate and humorous freestyles, not to mention his brilliant diversity when it comes to written tracks, which now, are rivalling the best MC’s that this country has to offer – and there’s still more to come, people.

He was a contender in SYN FM’s recent Word War 1 MC battle league competition, where a larger audience got to hear what Notion can do on the mic, and although he had not established himself in the battle scene at all, he demolished the competition in the written round with superior concepts, flow and delivery. But that was just the beginning, my friends. Notion has been putting in serious work for the past three to four years now, and his debut mixtape, It’s My Turn… documents his last couple of years of rhyme. Featuring production from GMC and DJ Dub Kay (who also mixed the release), alongside some of the hottest beats from recent times, and with guest appearances from Cee-For, Bekah, GMC, and Esscay to name a few, It’s My Turn… is set to create a serious dent in the scene and cement Notion as a name to watch out for.

His live shows have also strengthened his name, in particular his appearances with Cee & Bekah, Tommy Gunnz, Fluid and GMC just to name a few, at venues such as The Spot, The Evelyn, Noise Bar (doing shows for Noise TV), and numerous other gully night spots around Melbourne have seen Notion’s performances improve and assisted him in snatching many more new fans in the process.

Ya boy has also been getting his network on over the years, and he’s been linking with some of the most talented and respected artists and producers in the country, including the likes of Weapon X & Ken Hell, Styalz Fuego, Justice & Kaos, Fluid, Lewis One, Stan Bravo, Prince Ali, NeeQ, Da-Phai, C-1, Revelino, with many more to come. 2006/2007 is looking to be a massive coupe of years for Notion, with the release of It’s My Turn… and his official launch into the scene; he’s ready to take it all the way. Heads are already starting to catch on, y’all, so get on board the bandwagon before it’s overloaded.

It seems that Notion is also getting much attention from the urban websites & street press around the town as well, with contacts such as, and both supporting and helping Notion promote his latest works, including interviews, downloads and promotional pieces. More recently a PlanetUrban Exclusive song only to their website has seen an excellent response of votes and downloads, boasting not only one, but TWO tracks in the PlanetUrban TOP 20 Charts list! “The Come Up” has placed number 1 for over 4 weeks, while “Whateva Ya Need” closely behind it number 2. So keep your eyes peeled for plenty of Notion on the Internet and in the papers, yall!

The mixtape game in Melbourne, and also internationally, has sky rocketed recently and Notion has obviously taken advantage of this. Appearing on nine mixtapes around the country and one international release to date, Notion has received plenty of love around and is slowly becoming a regular name on the mixtape circuit. His future endeavours include a project with Cee-For & GMC entitled “Dope Sauce”, which is due out in 2008, and is currently well in the works. In addition to this, “The Corner of Notion & 9th” is another mixtape compiled by Notion with all of his joints over 9th Wonder beats over the years, plus a bunch of new ones. Also, Notion is collaborating with one of Melbourne’s finest up-and-coming producers, Da-Phai, on their “An Innovative Mind” album, which is also due out 2008, while also beginning to plan his first solo album release! Notion is one busy emcee, and at the rate he is going now, he’s never gon’ stop, yall!

And now, with a home studio in his grasp Notion has been working solidly on his next mixtape release entitled “World DomiNoTiOn” which is due out late 2007.


released September 11, 2006

All songs recorded, mastered, engineered and cuts by Double K @ K's Crib
Executive Producer: Notion
Co-Producer: Double K and Notion



all rights reserved


NoTiOn Toronto, Ontario

MC. Engineer. Producer. Multimedia guy. Ideas man. Damn, what more do y’all want?

"Relentless with this effortless passion…"


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Track Name: It's My Turn...
A shout out to everybody i've met, but lots a love to everybody I know
So lets roll come on!

Ayo, its my turn now son, im bout to open up,
Lettin loose, & put it down, so yall know wassup,
Fa real, I been in it for a least the littlest minute,
& I can't believe I'm here here, & I finally made it, its finished,
Time to, get replenished boy, & listen to this real shit,
Ya head noddin', holla back, if yall feel this,
People chillin', blazin' fat ones, & rockin it,
I'm nitro powered, takin off like a rocket is,
I'm never stoppin bitch, im cautious with the politics,
My knowledge is, forever told, but I promise this,
Movin it through, no body as cool as dude,
Guaranteed when I drop, I'll be rulin' you,
Believe it, ill stand tall, throw my lyrics to critics,
Ill re-incarnate and get my fuckin spirit to spit it,
So you, bumpin my mixtape, you love it, the shits great,
& im doin this for MEL people, just wait!
Track Name: Melbourne feat Cee-For & Bekah
M.E.L.'s comin' alive, the vibe in the scene's bitchin,
Our underground's electric, its live, & its hectic,
Do anything to protect it, you seein me switchin',
Coz yo, I keeps it pimpin from my crib, to Richmond,
The people here, treat they ears, coz they switched in,
So they'll be makin sure all the other countries are listenin',
All my peeps releasin' shit, we makin' our mark,
& its funny, coz i'd had planned out this shit, from the start,
The South East! yeh I rep it, coz I know that you couldn't,
Im takin a chance, im doin my dance, bytin' the bullet,
Cruisin through to Willy, man, im lovin this city,
Wit G in the back, & K in the front, schmoosin for kitty,
& we, just gotta make one stop, before we empty,
Pick up big Cee, & lil Bekah, so they wit me,
So dont tempt me, we down to ride all night,
Coz we from MEL city, right Cee, "you damn right!"

NoTiOn Hook -
I got a hundred flows & plenty a dro, (yeh,) homie im from Melbourne, Melbourne,
And from the burbs to the blocks of the city, ya see we raisin hell son, hell son,
And you like the way I flip my shit, doggy you better tell 'em, tell 'em
And even tho I flow like a new yorker, im so hot im well done, yeah!, and this is how we do!

[Verse: Cee]

I'm from the town that's officially rated the most livable,
But try and fuck around, these dudes is finna shit on you,
You liable to get jacked over cents and cigarettes,
What you expect from a country that's settled with convicts?
Oh yes, it's that real dog, I ain't exaggerating,
Nah you can't get crack but y'all can get it crackalatin',
See I ain't tryina paint it as a grimy type place,
It's a chance y'all be meeting with a shiny knife blade,
Them smackheads down on Swanston,
Practically anything, y'all can get it, just holla if you want somethin',
And in the 'burbs, you findin' the same shit,
The fuckin' South East, where I'm from, MEL ain't a game bitch,
The city when you in it, you feelin' like it's alive and,
The soul is everywhere, in the air is where you find it,
Spark ya lighters, fire the spliff and yeah it's on,
Smell the green? Homie I'm from Melbourne

[Hook: Cee]

I got a hundred empty bags of green shit, yeah I'm from Melbourne, Melbourne,
I'm either solo or I'm with the clique so money, fuck what you thought, you thought,
Turn it up, you finna bump this shit from Knox City to Newport, Newport,
And y'all can tell the way the homie spit, yeah that I'm from Melbourne, Melbourne, and this is how we do

[Bridge: Bekah]

It's the city that everyone loves,
You'll do anything to get Melbourne's love,
We got, we got the people, the music that's hot,
You'll never ever have what we got,
Oh no no no, oh no no no, oh no no no, oh no no no
Track Name: Don't Say Nuthin'
Hook -
So what ya gonna do, when im walkin thru,
Listen up muthafucka, im talkin to you,
Put it on the low, stop say-in somethin,
Keep ya mouth closed, & dont, say-nuthin, Oh!

Verse - 1
So dont say nuttin', when im up in this bitch, ima damage,
You faggots, hollerin' at me, wanna smash 'em,
I make drastic movements, im in tune wit,
All types of music, stop stutterin' stupid, uh!
Im an early eighties baby,
Im hungry, chasin' after everything im craving,
Feedin' from the milk, of the best of the world,
& my flow is like, the illest feelin' from ya girl,
Soak it up in ya viens, yall callin my name,
If ya can't call it that, then wat do you call 'game',
So yall invited, to chill in the District,
To see if you can grasp my pimpin' logistics,
Dont get it twisted, we off & poppin',
NoTiOn, got it all man, im always droppin',
& I got more for you, & its constantly, hot &,
Make room, when I come thru, I never stoppin, So!

Hook -
So what ya gonna do, when im walkin thru,
Listen up muthafucka, im talkin to you,
Put it on the low, stop say-in somethin,
Keep ya mouth closed, & dont, say-nuthin, Oh!

Verse 2 -
Now ima do what I must do, to make a livin',
Roll on, & never trust dudes, even tho you feel em,
Coz you are unaware of the places, I started in,
Im the ultimate dawg, so who you targetin,
So, Mooove, Bitch, get out the way,
Coz I do this, for you & yours, everyday,
Like, I got rhymes on tap, im flowin on,
Drinkin emcees here, like raw water form,
So wat ya gonna do when im walkin through, now
All these muthafuckers makin, pavin' the way, pal,
You didn't listen, hear wat I sayin, stay down,
Gloves up, ya gettin smaked, in the 8th round,
Lotsa fun, smokin lotsa blunts, in the week,
Im young & 21, got the world at my feet, uh!,
And now in M.E.L., im back from my break,
Focused, rejuvinated, time to raise the stakes, So!

Hook -
So what ya gonna do, when im walkin thru,
Listen up muthafucka, im talkin to you,
Put it on the low, stop say-in somethin,
Keep ya mouth closed, & dont, say-nuthin, Oh!
Track Name: Be This Way
Comin' live from M.E.L. son, them peoples is real,
Somebody disputin our rythm, better peep it & chill,
Retailation at will, im sick of these pesky kids,
Wondering wat is the size of all the cheques they get,
& so they say its always gonna have to be this way,
The scene's decayed, so im dictatin' scenes today,
I needed a change, thats why im here yall, to livin' it up,
Smashin through like a wreckin ball, im fuckin it up,
Exposin over-rated actors, checkin again,
Im like the japanese wit camera's, when im snappin' at them,
Your never gettin realer than these fuckin' facts my friend,
My style contageous, notice how im settin' the trends,
You may be strivin to win, I say your not as dedicated,
& it pisses me off, that im the only one thats tryin to make it,
& im creative whenever my mind's open,
Im coastin', I know its my turn, man, im focused, boom!
Track Name: Nuthin' To Give U feat Cee-For & Bekah
[Notion Verse]

Ayo at first I started off here with nothin' to give you,
Im about to bring it back man, now its official,
Coz the, truth inside me has kept me risin',
Work hard at my goals dog, it keeps my flying', & the,
Cohiba with the dro gets me higher, with a,
Inspiration for a flow with the fire man,
Im desiring a life filled with hope,
But on the chill, I wanna jar filled with dope &,
These the roads that I gotta go thru,
All to fulfill a prophecy im supposed,
With a piff and a roll like im coastal,
But on the real im an MEL local,
So ima do my thang, improve my game,
& up the level, rep the Notion name,
& give back to this thang after all that we been thru,
We've made it, now i've got something to give you, but hold on….

[Verse: Cee]

Yo, I never dreamed that my life would turn out like it did,
From a shy young boy to a man who spit sick,
In school, nah I ain't roll with the cool clique,
Regularly ridiculed for bumpin' my rap shit,
And man, confidence for me was always an issue,
I felt like I was noone with nothing to give you,
I injected all my thoughts and energy to my rhymes,
Put in work, paid my dues and shit, it's my time,
I'm, so focused, dreams is so close but,
Green got smoked when it seemed just so hopeless,
Execs approach us and the weed still burnin',
Indeed y'all fuckers will see we returnin',
Oh yes, it's no question,
That all the bullshit I went through as a kid is now my motivation,
Y'all can say what you want but yo I'm still gon' make it,
Stayin' dedicated, middle finger to the haters, c'mon

[Verse: Bekah]

This is it, I'm givin' you all of me,
It's the part you haven't seen,
Don't be shy, I know you be feelin' me,
The way it should be

This is it, I'm givin' you all of me,
It's the part you haven't seen,
Don't be shy, I know you be feelin' me,
The way it should be
Track Name: 7th Sense
Verse 1:
Determination of us all, is what keeps me whole,
Buildin' wit fam', workin toward similar goals,
But it really trips me out, how the world's gone sour,
Politicians & presidents, abusin' they power,
Its hard to see a break, through these suburban landscapes,
Where how big you house is fits in a certain type estate,
These rules & regulations, across this nation,
& not one! god-damn, hip-hop radio station, (huh!)
Governments, must obliterate starvation, its vital,
But they put the money in shit, like Australian Idol,
& the entertainment value, that appeals to the masses,
Such a short-lived thing, 'til it burns & crashes,
Yeh, now thats somethin' that I love to see,
I get upset these little girls are followin' TV,
Coz we gotta make this planet see, wat's wrong from right,
So everybody sing along wit me, & join the fight, aiight! yeh

Verse 2:
And social trends shouldn't shape, all the dreams that we chasin',
Expectations, that one day we'll all make it,
For some it never happens, they stuck in the rat race,
For me, im up & out the rut, livin' at fast pace,
So what you want son, you started this,
& my friends, im here to tell ya what the problems is,
Give parents advice, go make some smarter kids,
& they oh so poor, stealin' outta them bargin bins,
Now you thinkin' "what's wrong", you ain't rasin' em right,
Coz ya got ya son a guitar, when he was fiendin' a mic,
Because you shoulda listened, and made a real transition,
Take time, to sit down, begin chillin wit ya chitlens, (uh)
The time you spent away, inside it just killed him,
Through my lyrics, pain & tough times, creates wisdom,
So im here to spread the word, I'm on a little mission,
Check for the break, an exquisite intermission, like, uh,

It's Notion Baby! It's My Turn baby!
Track Name: It's Goin' Down
Im sayin please, i guess ill pardon' you mami,
Chillin up in France', doin it the hard way,
They front & try play, "I speak no English",
Ppffft! it doesnt matter by the time im finished, boss!,
We got the pieces mah, lets put em together,
Slide em up real slow, make it last til whenever,
& its (Goin Down), on the rail now, crossin the border,
So many green pastures man, im missin the water yo,
& im without a destination, for my next venture,
Beggers & bums be, playin' wit my short temper,
I am the thirst quencher, so dont excuse me,
Please playa, let me live, & dont lost me, huh!,
Now i ain't gonna lie to yall dawg,
Dudes these days, just ain't packin fire at all,
Coz i, kepts to flowin', now im better than them,
& then, its time to tell ya how its goin down my friend! Whoa!

Yo i tried to help ya, tried to warn ya, tried to tell ya, its... "goin' down"
You couldn't believe, you could forsee its, notion here on the free.. its.. "goin' down"
Yeh, now you know what this is, its Notion blazin up in K's crib... yeh yeh, now thats the shit,
Double K man pass the spliff... shit!
Track Name: I'm Callin feat Bekah
Oh.. yes... huh... this one here is goin out to my ladies, its for my ladies...
Oh baby im selfish, I want you to myself I can't help it, come on... lemme tell you about it, it goes something like this..

Im Selfish, yes, I got them chicks like a habit,
They hangin from my arms, & god damn it, its drastic,
& I connect with girls, I barely even know,
& im playin about 4 mo', so keep it on the low, pal,
Met the prettiest little indian thing,
She have me screamin for her ass, the way she makin it swing,
& it seems, we play the pimpin' game, chasin the dream,
Like they say, you gotta treat em mean, to be keepin em keen,
But geez, thats so much work to go through man,
So now its time for me to implement my back up plan,
But damn, from local to international hoes,
They either, likin' my style, or be feelin my flow,
Then i, wine you & dine you, then shout you breakfast,
To gettin that, little initial engraved on ya necklace,
Im selfish, I got 'em in the palm of my hand,
& now I want you for myself girls, you dont understand,

Bekah Hook:
Im selfish, for you..
Please baby dont hate me for lovin you daily,
Im just, crazy, about you, you're my baby

Fade out..
Track Name: Down & Out
Now im'a give yall a little somethin' here, that i call payback,
So calm down, turn around, ya gettin smacked a.s.a.p.,
Come on and take that, yall never ever break that,
I got it locked down in London, Lisbon, & way back,
So cool it out mah, we lovin' over and over,
Now put ya damn leg's up on over my shoulders & go,
You in a position, so i can grab ya waist best,
When im flowin' on this sick, straight after safe sex,
Because its '05, im so fly, i dont lie,
You know how i roll im, replenishin' on my high,
So wats the days mathamatix son, we on our grind,
& ill be poppin' my collar, because its party time,
Flippin' the Kangol polo, rollin solo, & im so dope,
That even my mumma done got the flow yo,
We approachin the booth, we kinda crazy,
And big Cee's in the back dawg, he tryin' to say he goin down!

Yeh, Get up, its goin down
& all i be hearin is that people wana be down, but oh no!,
Fuck it, we on our grind, coz homie its my our time,
NoTiOn, Cee-For yeh, we blowin ya mind, out!
Track Name: Alright
[Verse 1]
& As the youngster in my crib, I was never aware,
About the cold world outside, didn't think to be scared,
Ignorant to the facts, like they blind in my head,
But now, my flow like cub scouts, I'm always prepared,
& yeh, I'm outta sight, plannin' to save ya night,
Rollin dice on this board, spin MY game of life,
Squeeze the shit so bad, that I endanger mics,
I'm spittin' hotter than some muthafuckin Cajin spice, (right!)
Implement to perfection, thats heavy to handle,
Like this load on my back, with the weight of an anvile,
So i'm, ready to gamble, put all my chips in,
Win, lose or draw homie, i'll be runnin back again,
Let's get it, crackin' then, im pumped & amped,
You lucky if ya get approved by the NoTiOn stamp!,
While you pause, you sittin' short, like an interlude,
I'm comin strong, wit my dawg's, & my principals!, (Fool!)
Yup!, there's plenty more for yall to see before im finished,
All raw mature material, wit no gimmicks, is it,
Coz im fit to go yo, we keepin it tight,
& as I view down the road, things are gonna be alllright!,

So thats where we been, and this is where im headed... so muhhfuckas make way.. its notion baby! whoa!

[Verse 2]
Now this is how its gon' happen brah, we gon' get it crackin' son,
Climbin up the ladder, so, grab ya shit & pack it up,
This careers, actually gonna last for me,
Even tho I hear you haters yellin' blasphemy's,
& it had to be, somethin i've been waitin' to expect,
Hard to express, but naturally, I spit it off the chest, (& yes!)
Ya see we stuntin' from the Garden State,
Wit mad plants in the patch, yo im hungry mate!,
Front yard, steps to stages, I'm amazin', i'll fade ya,
Vibin' high with the illest of creative innovaters,
& wat im sayin's, that all-a-yall are use-a-less,
Coz every other week im comin thru with some newer shit,
So get used to this, we so fly, we floatin',
Pure rhymes we wrote them, hear the shit & ya focus,
Its art & life from the heart, you know it,
Followin' it so straight, least we know where we goin', so lets roll!
Track Name: Know This feat Cee-For
Sometimes this stuggle's bitch, now you know this, huuuh,
Its just the word goin round, that we that flow this hard,
I snatched the mic out ya palm, now you noticed us,
So make way for these young muh-fucka's, comin up, wat!

[Intro Verse]
Wit mad piano's, im seven sinnin', repentin' my greed,
So forget all these other ones, I got, everthing I need,
The music bizz shit's, the life for me,
Im makin my mark, wit-just what i, design it to be,
& yeh he good, but his game off track,
How can yall say all that, muhfucka, this my brain on rap, but wait!...

Hold up son, im just gettin started, ya miss me, are ya wit me,
Treadin swiftly, we gettin this money quickly,
Openin up, only startin this career,
In 20 years, ill fade out, a happy endin in tears,
Im fresh! outta the box, & yall already sick of me,
& when you steal my ideas, think you've had an epiphany,
I got the irresistable, original recipe,
Its mixed with syondye, if you thinkin of messin wit me,
Its like water & wine, im keepin a clean mind,
I seem fine, until ya look at my eyes, uh-ha!,
Im probably zonin' out, from back last week,
I stay at the top of my peak, I rarely ever been weak,
& there's a, stage that ill reach, were ya just can't compete,
Coz yall be lookin' for the 7th count, in a 8th beat,
This ain't no vanity fair, so sound off like ya got a pair,
It just remains evident, you faggots here are not aware.. yeh!
As I continue to rip it,
& yo i've passed 20 bars, & yall thought I'd be finished,
Im straight vibin in the booth, thinkin this is the shit,
But I'mma let cee tell ya how he feel real quick! & then we split,

[Cee Verse]

Aight man, let's do it, yeah

C'mon, I thought you knew, I'm killin' tracks, dead 'em in fact,
You'll never catch me comin' weak coz boy I'm better than that,
I said it on wax, homie I stay ahead of the pack,
But fuck some superstar shit, I'm a regular cat,
Yeah I've been in this rap game for a minute,
Jetted and headed overseas, need to breathe, now I'm all back up in it,
In hindsight, my mind's like, 'Dog, the industry's a cunt',
Quit? Nah, coz like The Roots, I'm comin' too far to front,
Say what, I took my music to ears in foreign lands,
T-Dot, my second home, I'm respected as one of them,
Stayin' underrated so we finna make it's in the plan,
We been through the same shit so we connected on the jams,
And ever since I've been home, the situation's improving,
My little brother came up and my homies making moves and,
Gon' be an MEL Hip Hop change of the guard,
From now on, ain't nobody lookin' strange at the squad,
I'm sayin' because, '05 and I ain't finished with rappin',
I got a good soul so good things is destined to happen,
We fadin' to black so pass me the sticky and let's roll,
It's Cee-For with Notion, listen up muhfuckas so now you know

Sometimes this stuggle's bitch, now you know this, huuuh,
Its just the word goin round, that we that flow this hard,
I snatched the mic out ya palm, now you noticed us,
So make way for these young muh-fucka's, comin up, wat!
Life's a trip, now you know this, huuuh,
Its just the word goin round, that we that flow this hard,
I snatched the mic out ya palm, now you noticed us,
So make way for these young muh-fucka's, comin up, wat!
Track Name: M.E.L. Story
Where ya from muhhfucka's come on!!!

That MEL chronic got me dumb high,
Im fresh to death, I guess, that im dumb fly,
I rep the set, pressure the rest, yes i,
Where ya from homie, its MEL right, right.. (repeat)

Well if ya take a look at the scene, you'll get what I mean,
Wit no good clubs, til Midnight formed around '80-93,
& thats about the time, I heard my first rap records,
Wit Snoop yellin, "its a Doggy Dogg World", check it,
Prior to mics &, i'd be cypherin',
Freein from 15, 3 years later im writin &,
Anticipatin the day, when we gettin paid & shit,
Even all my clique can't wait, to invade this bitch,
Ya hear me, ill put us on the map, like Game brought the West back,
Im bringin' all the fundamentals playa, dont forget that,
Back on track, skills above the rest, im climbin',
Ya blinded, ya didn't see me comin dawg?, im shinin',
& may I remind ya, who's cruisin behind ya,
Definately one of the ill cats, & future rhymers,
Watch out, dont get caught, actin like a bummy fan,
Its NoTiOn bitch, take it like a muthafuckin man, huh..

That MEL chronic got me dumb high,
Im fresh to death, I guess, that im dumb fly,
I rep the set, pressure the rest, yes i,
Where ya from homie, its MEL right, right..
Track Name: Comin' Wit That feat Cee-For
[Verse: Notion]
& of course, Im jumpin off the bench, im hittin the game,
100 points in the lane, playin like the great Wilt Chamb',
Its NoTiOn baby, im blowin', im hot,
& ill be on ya balcony, smokin all the pot,
Yo, its all indo, we make it look so simple,
The nympho tempo, this beats fire, timbo!,
& ya shits clear homeboy, cos I can see through it,
Plus your flows are locked up, & I got the keys to it,
This ain't a game, use ya brain, dont get invovled, dude,
You actin like, every-thing revolve's around you, No!,
Im hittin hard, we got the AUS, poppin',
Just wait til the mixtape, is finished, & droppin', its hot,
Its the next step up for this hip-hop,
We collatin', & creatin' this shit so it won't stop, oh!
I wanna get that ghost writin fame, just like the game,
Get a brain scan, write a book, & publish my name, whoa!

I told ya we comin wit that, baby get back,
Grabbin your attention, when we flip tracks,
Lemme tell ya who I am.. its NoTiOn Mayne!,
Lemme tell ya where we reign, South East coast game, come on, x2

[Verse: Cee]

C'mon, I rep the South East, MEL-burn,
Oh you ain't heard? It be some real shit out in the 'burbs,
And since I bounced from home and jetted over the world,
All this petty bullshit to me is soundin' absurd, yeah word,
I had to get up out of the scene,
Chill and clear my mind, and burn a lot of the green,
But then the mixtape dropped and made a lotta fuckin' cats back up,
Left no doubts about the skills or lack thereof,
Fo' shizzle, officially the position is soul-idified,
Flowin' 30 below, couldn't be colder if I,
Moved back to Scar-Town, cats know who we are now,
Confidence soared pal, never let me guard down,
Yo I'm about to put my shit back in gear,
Cee-For, '06, muhfuckas it's my year,
Ya missed me, I was gone, new shit, just bump the song,
N-O gon' roll it up, two hits and pass it on, c'mon

I told ya we comin wit that, baby get back,
Grabbin your attention, when we flip tracks,
Lemme tell ya who I am.. its NoTiOn Mayne!,
Lemme tell ya where we reign, South East coast game, come on, x2

Dub Kay cuts...
Track Name: Breathe
Intro -
Whoo! yo, uh... 1 & then the 2,(2) 2 & then the 3,
3 & to the 4, then you gotta

[Verse 1]
Eh Dawg, you wanna sign me son, thats all good news,
Coz I ain't from the hood dude, makin crook moves,
Im from the burbs like I should, bouncin' crude tunes,
& all my crew cruise around in them new coupe's, ooh!)
Im out raw, ain't no-body do it like I did it,
Takin' it 'round the world, & im just havin' fun wit it,
Passin' the test, im the last of the fresh,
Its No-TiOn m-p-3, been captured at best!,
You gotta BreathE!, coz you never comin close to the steez,
Snatchin air from ya lungs, you got a hell of a weez,
Homie Please!, yall faggots can't smoke like I do,
You coughin at the hospital, ya hand's on a bible,
& dont we say, the game we play, is deadly & foul,
Just wait til, I hit-ya-wit-a-bit-of adrenaline now, punk
Breathe!, now why you gotta stab me in the dark,
Cos I got all colours invitied, like im Stanely park, im sharp!
(Breathe!), in the coldest winter's your breathin' is freezin',
Then NoTiOn come along & give you a good enough reason, to..
(Breathe!), feel that clutch, deep in ya chest,
Sense the arrest, take a breath, we the last ones left,
We never leave!, thats right boy, on top of the box,
Throwin you a portion of sorted alluminum shots,
Take it & "breathe, wit them stains of ya brains, on ya jeans,
You better wash em clean, coz I got aim on ya team, boy!

1 & then the 2,(2) 2 & then the 3,
3 & to the 4, then you gotta "breathe" x2

[Verse 2]
& some faggots gotta (breathe!), coz I run through, take care of my section,
Your swift to catch a left hand, if ya ever disrespectin',
Your vein, coz you escaped the game, fakin ya death,
Its nothing like an asthma attack, takin ya breath,
Bitch (breathe), the feelin got ya weak to ya knees,
Coz all the real heads, know that im the better emcee, believe it..!
(breathe), I had grab the beat, & yo I make it more fab-olous,
Dude, thats what I do, makin' the crew's, more scand-alus,
Coz yall mad at us, you ain't got no canabis,
Won't listen to ya whinin' manager, boy is an act-ress,
Come up to our door son, get ya rejected,
Dial 1-800 No-TiOn, get ya connected,
& me & Cee-For dawg, we better than friends,
We better than them, we comin strong, & at it again,
Come round wit 2 dozen tracks, a pad, & pen,
Two of the wickedist lyricists, on a mission to win!,
& then we (breathe), on the side walk, peepin a breather,
Contemplatin' on how we can take this rap shit deeper,
(breathe), snap up the fam', take the show on the road,
Its NoTiOn & GMC, turning ametures to pro's, yo!
Define the flow now, in high def digi-tal, Oh!
You gotta a problem pal, we'll settle on the quarter mile,
Your dumfounded how we boosted right past ya,
I said you gotta let it breathe dawg, thats the answer, come on!(breathe)!
Track Name: Full Effect
Turn it up.... yeh, ho!
Welcome back.. yeh yeh
Its notion baby
On the track... with full effect bringin it back.. this how I feel man come on...

[Verse 1]
Yeh & this is, the fittest kid, fresh on campus,
& im sensin ya anxious, thats why ya just can't stand us,
People try to remand us, intend to knock us off,
But me & the team retaliate, with stronger force,
& of course, im back here almost writin' every nite,
Im workin hard during the day, so im fullfillin my hype (aiiight!),
Im right on it, time to switch up the pitchin',
Ya trippin', im more develish than three sixes,
This is, ya homeboy, so let it be known,
Im steadily calm, clutchin' on this mic in my palm,
& I switch it to ON', hit first gear, im shinin' & screamin',
I try to believe it, but yo, I been heavily drinkin this evenin',
Eh!! I dont think ya listenin clear,
Fix this to ya ear, & the bassline, take ya ridin' somewhere,
So put it up in the air, if ya feelin this, yeh
& we givin you an indication, of who's comin round next year! Come on!

You about to feel the full effect of this,
& knowing damn well that we runnin reckless bitch,
& its about that time for y'all to trade it in,
I bet your regretting' for lettin' me in, Full Effect will begin x2

[Verse 2]
Im a bastard, ya can't catch up, nope!, ya won't match it,
Check ya facts bitch, I suggest ya practice,
I get it on wit action, evident, is the passion,
Im dirty like hashish, when im gettin' my grass lit,
So pass this!, let me devise, im doin' it properly,
& ill be buyin all, the fuckin' streets, like monopoly,
Im reppin' MEL son, the livest ones,
Equip, wit ill will, lord knows, he's the bravest son,
I spit an accent, wit native tongue,
No matter wat grade ya from, in my mind, im remainin' young,
You people can't touch me, above the clouds,
I drop it all in one take, mate, & then im all out!,
Come on it ours, I disassemble ya sorts,
If I was african american, you'd call me Black Thought!,
Word is born!, we live low, & keep it sleeezy,
Fa sheezy, comin thru and dude, I breathe easy! uh!

You about to feel the full effect of this,
& knowing damn well that we runnin reckless bitch,
& its about that time for y'all to trade it in,
I bet your regretting' for lettin' me in, Full Effect will begin x2
Track Name: Heartburn
Its in my heart yalll..... this one here is about some of the things that I love... I wanna share em with ya... hope you feel the same way.. I got some heartburn muhhfuckas...

[Verse 1]
I love makin music, I love bein an emcee,
I love doin this for you and yours, and especially me, wat,
I love chillin wit my girl, I love doin my thing,
I love hearin this beat, & when the sample sings,
I love sex, I fiend the adrenaline rush,
But yo, its nothin like my lyrics, to a fan, when it touch,
I love the microphone, I love the feel, & the steel,
But despite all the wackness around, I still, keep it real,
My brother, & my fam, my homies, & my man's,
If I had the choice, wit my friends, i'd do it again,
I love hearin that jam, for the first time,
& I loved that feelin, when I bust out my first rhyme,
I won't forget how nervous, I felt in my stomach,
Spittin in the booth & scared, wit the passion, & I loved it,
That Cee-For for inspired me, he's doin me justice,
I love it that there are real heads, in MEL, here flowin amongst us, (wat up!),
I love the scene, love the haters, & the hatin',
I love all women, Puerto Ricans, Mauritian's, & Asians,
And these the stages, that we comin too,
& all the people out there vibin', muthafuckers, this one's for u!!
I love the lovin of which, I AM surrounded,
I love that who I mentioned, are the cats, that keep me grounded,
Spillin my soul on the page, im doin my part,
Coz there's love in my heart, & come on baby, thats the best start, wat!

[Verse 2]
I love the second verse and how it feel, an inner city meal,
I love MEL baby! its the illest place to chill,
I love nature, its the place that I escape to,
Blow smoke to the trees, and my pen bleeds to the paper,
I loved Sat'day mornins, watchin NBA action,
Bird, Johnson, & Jordan, im dazzled by all they baskets,
Just a young buck, we playin Army's in the park,
Pretendin to be dead, then goin home to mummy after dark,
I loved those days, & I love to reminisce,
Like back in grade 6, mackin chicks, & holdin hands n shit,
I love you get away wit everything as a little tacker,
& I love that I didn't know i'd grow up, to be an ill rapper,
I love the smell & the scent, of a women in bed,
& yes touch & the feel, when she's givin me head,
& the feelin of a warm embrace, there's nothin like that,
& I love that when I call on my bro, he down for a night cap!, Word.
I love to get my free on, no doubt about that son,
& anyone that knows me, knows I like to light a fat one!,
I love livin life, so no pullin the plug,
Coz this a little indication of the things that I love.. & im out!
Track Name: All A Dream
Was it all a dream?,

It just started in front of a smoke screen,
& when the shit cleared, I pictured such a different scene,
I found my fingers classy on a wine glass, & that,
My arms are wrapped around, such a fine piece of ass,
Unsure of where im at, feelin' slow, im havin' fun tho',
All I hear is clappin hands, & the smell of that hydro,
Feelin' like im blindfold, coz everything's blurry,
We could be here all night, but yo im not in a hurry,
Im enjoyin every minute, coz im fiendin this moment,
& like the boy Marshall said, you gotta squeeze it & hold it,
But I glance over the stage, & to my surprises,
There were the world's greatest artists, i'd be idolisin',
Includin' Ghost, Big L, & Nas yo, im losin' control,
Common, Kanye, & oh my god, its Young Hov!!,
My jaw dropped, heart skipped, I lost my cup,
I fuckin give myself a pinchin', but I dont wake up, (16)
Im lookin for anyone I know, but yo, who cares,
Im in a room, filled wit muh-fuckin millionaires,
They cop a, million stares, before im stumblin' over,
Bumped a dude rollin a dutch, think ive started a war!,
Avoidin' em all, im scared now, im playin the wall,
& yall, im really trippin out, thinkin i've been here before,
Such a rigoris roar, crowd like a jet plane, soarin',
The vibe's bitchin', drippin, in the sweatbox, boilin',(24)
Oh.. shit I really needed a breather,
Wit all that duckin & creepin, from that kid wit the heater,
I finally stand up, & recover my footing,
& outta everyone here, im facin the homie wit the hoodie,
Feelin' my blood bubble, damn, im ready for a tussle,
Fight me like a man, I ain't afraid to raise my knuckles,
Exchangin' left's & wicked right's, feel the delight,
Of knockin' some muthafuckers heads, unconscious tonight,
I got no, conscious right, gettin' closer to the stage,
Decreasing levels of rage, but im still in a daze,(34)
Im really amazed, that I ain't been thrown out yet,
Then I see the chick from the start, in a new outfit,
She over in the V.I.' damn fine, P., section,
Sittin' over there sippin' that Don' P, selection
She holla'd at me yo, & I was there in a second,
Sayin' wat up mah, so have ya peeped my new record?,
Tellin' me wats good, mami's whispered in my ear,
Informin' me of the situation, im in right here,
Sayin' to, act clouded, coz they got me all surrounded,
Got 99 problems, but this one, can't be grounded,(44)
Emotionally astounded, of who I can see,
Probably 3 units of SWAT, staring at me,
You gotta be kiddin me B, now im clearin' the joint,
Red dots everywhere, so they ain't missin' at wat they point,(48)
Startin' to move, im snappin' outta this cruisier mood,
And I wake up!! & fucken hell, im stil in my room!!,
Wat the hell, did I do, & better, where did I go?,
Did I pass out, but nah, my jar's stil full of dro,
Seein them idols on the wall, im trippin' out man,
On my desk a chewed up pen, & some dribble on my notepad,
I push myself up, wipe the mess off my face,
& then I realized, that shit that I just smoked, must be laced...,(56)

Damn... it was... was it..?? was it all a dream?
Track Name: Runnin' feat Cee-For & Bekah
[Verse: Notion]
(I'm runnin') way too fast, wit no road left,
Gotta work it out, & slow it down, hold my set,
Figure out a way to roll, advance my checks,
Distribute my own music, the mixtapes the best, yes!,
I gotta make it, I know shit ya can't learn, pal,
Its been a long patient wait, so its my turn, now!,
Like I gotta pay my dues, & take advice from dudes,
I know we say it different, so leave me alone fool,
Im on my own shit yall, get up & off of it,
You didn't want a bar of me, & now you wantin all of it,
Like fingers on the chalkboard, its deafening bitch,
Im constantly ridiculed, about this accent shit,
Im feelin suffocated, or better yet frustrated,
Contemplatin' just how much longer I can tollerate it,
Although I never trade it, feel im gettin agg-rev-ated, {_}
Seal up my shit, so they never take it, dawg, im runnin'!

[Verse: Cee]

Yeah it's Cee, I'm still all up in the game but,
Even at the best of times, this whole shit got me jaded,
It's all the same bruh, there's still no unity,
And what's with all the hatin' when barely a dude is movin' me?
Shit is stupid and the scene so small,
That to try and separate us makes no sense at all,
Dog, all I'm tryin'a do is give success a call,
And take Australian Hip Hop international,
What? Man this situation is really a pit, B,
I'm fronted on by cats who lyrically ain't shit on me,
I been puttin' in work, mixtapes with Soul D,
Took my ass around the world and I'm still the old me, homie,
Before you judge me, have you even heard me yet?
What the fuck? I gotta battle cats just to get a rep, huh?
Half these dudes ain't even write hot tunes, shit,
They barely average man, who are they tryina kid?
But, I've paid my dues, made songs for years,
Written respected articles throughout my career,
And I ain't never gonna quit, thank y'all for hatin',
Y'all provided me a valuable source of inspiration, it's on

[Verse: Bekah]

Gotta get up for today,
Gotta make this music and get paid,
Get it crackin', take over this game,
Come on, sing it with me, oh yeah
Oh oh oh, oh yeah,
Oh oh oh, oh yeah,
Oh oh oh, oh yeah,
Oh no, hell yeah
Track Name: Random Rhymes feat GMC & Cee-For
[Notion Verse]
Yeh, yeh, yo, the shit im bout to holla here is potent,
You lost & you know it, you dont condone this, dawg, im focused,
I bring wreck, like little Denise the Menice,
But dont be fooled, im complex, like the city of Venice, check it,
You yappin this n that, shit be fabricated,
Bring ya garbage round me, get you anihilated,
Like, you hold discussions, baggin' us, ya not feelin' it,
Jus remember who's team it is, you interferein' with,
Bring ya random rhymes, step back, im here to set it, mack,
See me freestyle in front of cats, I never met, infact,
Kick wit dosage, your style sounds pathetic,
& no!, I ain't feelin yall like, local anesthetic, (get it?)
I get hyped, I think its time, that you fin' to lose,
I never stop spittin, til my saliva's hittin you,
You can't forsee, tha way that me and GMC ryde, (huh!)
So all yall can catch the iller version, on the B-Side, (Peeeace!)

[Notion Hook cuts]
Live from MEL son,
Peoples is real, Its notion baby,
Notice how im setting the trends

[GMC Verse]

[ GMC Hook cuts]
When you get slack on tracks,
The fact is your irrelevant,
Heaven sent evidence, or ya kettles bent,
I see live people... fuck a movie this is seventh sense

[Verse: Cee]

Check, yo
Now what the fuck, y'all cats want it with Cee?
Homie I'm rollin' MEL to Scar City, got N-O and GMC with me,
Yeah the flow pretty, I'm fittin' to rhyme better,
Fuck a label, I'm after that Lil' Jon cheddar,
I hit the chickens like a rock performance,
And she feel it in her kidney coz the cock's enormous,
I'm a little hedonistic, it's all about me now,
Been stompin' the planet, 'round the world in my D-Towns,
Uh, I'm back it, it's Cee the rap addict,
I just can't stay away, but dagnabbit,
I gotta have the cash to invest in my weed habit,
How I roll, with my cap down low and my eyes slanted,
Yo dude is nice and my crew, spectacular,
I kick some real life shit, it's more than rappin' bruh,
Hold the camera, the flash is on me,
Everybody nod ya head and spark a fat one for me, gyeah

[Cee Hook cuts]
Im fittin to rhyme better,
Yall cats want it with Cee? dagnabit...!
Check... I just can't stay away... dagnabit!!
Track Name: Swivel Ya Middle
[Borat parody intro]

Ayo its time to sit down, roll up, & straight pass it,
& deliver the smooth music, for you & yall bastards,
Dont try avoid the hazard, we comin to get ya,
Coz I be slick wit my pencil, stayin sharp forever,
Classic cut, im rollin wit, massive nuts,
My girl put em in her purse, man, the bag'll bust!, wat!
My style, you know it, and you love it, its rugged,
Coz now im Australia's number one, un-discovered,
Well maybe its because my words are so gen-ius,
Yall throw em up, & like bad food, yall repeatin it,
Well dont be cheap ya bitch, im just overseein' shit,
Absurdly observin, the hoes that be feelin pissed,
Receive ya fix, now its my time to lose it,
Approachin' mic's, spit it & flip it, we gettin' stupid!,
Its true shit, creatin this to keep yall movin',
As long as you groovin', duck down, & get into it, wat!

You gotta duck down, & swivvle ya middle,
So step up baby girl, let me see ya shake a little,
Pop ya thang, and shoot ya game, do it now,
Who's the man, I get ya name, then we out!!

[Verse 2]
We too hot, wit our crew at the shows, we lean back,
Walk through the crowd leanin', im live like that,
Approachin' me, yo it better be breif, coz I dont care,
What you see is what you get, wit some personal flare,
Steppin out, we flow hot, comin slick wit game,
Mixtape are right here baby!, gettin that change,
21 behind the name, & the brain's non-fiction,
We crazy, we blazin, we scarin yall shitless,
Leavin yall confused, wit the way we rip this,
Believe me, fo sheezy, extremely gifted,
Set it off wit the team, bring yall, that mean shit,
Ya never saw me comin, leanin', speedin' in the green whip,
GMC got that green shit, Cee's rollin' up,
While im here on the track tellin all yall to duck!,
We blaze cannon's under roof tops, me & the girls,
Sippin on some beers, sayin cheers to the world! like

You gotta duck down, & swivvle ya middle,
So step up baby girl, let me see ya shake a little,
Pop ya thang, and shoot ya game, do it now,
Who's the man, I get ya name, then we out!!
Track Name: Tough Love feat Cee-For, GMC & Esscay
[Notion Verse]
(WE WONT LOSE) against these muthafuckin' minorities, hatin' us all,
(YOU MUST CHOOSE), ur direction, im risin, when they fall,
(man), I hope ya keepin' score, coz the race is on,
Ya better leave it on the track boy, the beef is warm,
Believe ya gone, the shortest dude, got his mind wrong,
Coz im challenging the very ground, you walk & rhyme on,
Somethin' to say? speak up, don't let it settle in the breeze,
(FUCK YOU) im whatever type a person, you consider me to be,
See! im give em tough love, coz thats the way they treatin me,
Im just bein real, man, that's the human being in me,
Even tho you dislike us, homie, no matter wat,
We sharin all the same mic's, son, so batter up,
Ya yap is shut! wen im establishin' the rules,
Coz im savy wit you fools, & im crafty wit my tools, oaooh!
Stick to my mission, you'se a fly on the wall,
While im transmittin' a sound, that will inspire us all,
Droppin notions from the mind, huh, no pun intended,
We do this for our independence, I recommend it, (YEH!)
Money or not, I'm droppin' flows for free,
I kill a verse, then pass it off to G, & let him speak!! Come on



[Verse: Cee]

Yo, from the dust I spit rough, y'all I ran through blastin',
Cats made way, they can't fade a man with a passion,
Some sayin' what we came with is blasphemous,
Motherfuckers finna eat their words when we blaze with a classic,
And they aimin' all they hate at an accent, self righteous and arrogant,
Like they afraid they skills is average,
But y'all ain't even knowin' the half of it,
Y'all got some audacity, frontin' when what I be spittin' is accurate,
Yo, nah I can't even be mad at that,
We from the same land but some ain't thinkin' outside of their habitat,
It's a big planet so we tryina expand with rap,
M-m-make room, now the world is standin' back,
Yeah I roll with a chosen few,
Now I got older most the dudes I know, I'm closer to,
Real homies mob like we supposed to do,
I got yours, I know you got my back and my shoulders too,
Flowin' like it's '96 again,
Verse laced with curses, it's like I jinxed my pen,
And shit I been, speakin' on more than spliffs and Henn,
Get to know me dog, it's deeper than you think, my friend,
'06 bitch, we tryina see this cake from rappin',
Tremendous potential, we finna make it, Captain,
Ain't no actin', it's just me airing my soul,
Tough Love, leave the smoke in the air, let's go